Our Products

A love that lasts more than sixty years is what binds Forno Sgriccia to the Passion for the Good.

Our Products

breads and cakes from the Forno Sgriccia

The processing of bread

Bread is our base, which is why every day we take care to offer a variety of products that are always fresh and of the highest level: we produce over 100 types of bread, with special shapes and flours such as corn, spelled, kamut, rye, soy, 7 cereals, nuts, and more.

Our Special Desserts

Over the years, Forno Sgriccia has also specialized in the production of pastry. From fragrant biscuits and pies to sweet mousses, fresh cakes and mignon pastries.
Our mission is to sweeten your moments: from everyday breakfast to events to celebrate!

During the Christmas time and the other main holidays, Forno Sgriccia is passionately dedicated to the preparation of traditional sweets, without ever lacking an innovative touch.

Our Pizza

Rediscovering the real Roman pizza starting from its origins: this is our challenge. Highly digestible, crunchy and light, our pizza comes from the oven directly to your home!

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